updateing paneling

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i just bought a new home. one room has a very dark paneling
what i need to know is there any way to make it look like dry wall
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some help
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The best way is to remove the paneling it will have drywall under the paneling you will have to make some repairs in the sheet rock and but this is much better than tring to make wood look like sheet rock should be qicker and cleaner..Good Luck
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I've got the same dark paneling situation myself and have had enough. I'm painting the dark woodwork a lighter taupe color...and for the paneling...

If you have the time, you might try what I am doing. I've been told my plan will workI am using drywall compound to fill in all the cracks (!)...am trying to give them one-pass and no sanding. I'm not looking for perfection here (not needing a finished surface) but rather, just a rough filler for the cracks. So far it's going pretty well...and taking about 3-4 minutes a crack to fill!

Once I get the cracks filled I am going to paint with a primer made for smooth and rough surfaces to add some "tack" . Finally, I have purchased some heavy wallpaper that looks like plaster...not the really rough stuff that you paint, but a more moderate texture paper with a little bit of color to it. The paper is fairly heavy and I might not have had to fill the cracks in the paneling, but am doing for a little bit of insurance on my time.

By the way, for any outside corners: I got a corner bead from a home remodeling place to replace the old corner that held the paneling together. The bead has metal and joint paper right over it so I was able to use adhesive to adhere to the paneling corner. Worked great. I'm not messing with the inside corners as that paneling molding is a BEAR to get off inside corners!

Good Luck!
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Question Heat Pump

Hi! I'm in a bit of a bind. My Friend wired a new thermostat for me in my house in the summer time and apparently didn't check it out after he was done to see if the heat worked. When the heater is supposed to come on, the blower fan comes on, but not the compresser. I believe that there supposed to be a jumper that turns on the compressor when the heat or the A/C comes on. Can anyone tell me what wires are what? I know yellow is the blower, but other than that I'm lost.


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