what should I do with the paneling?


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help... When I bought this house 2 years ago, it had paneling all throughout. The dining room had one wall that was wallpapered over the paneling,I didn't know how remove it,so I used the Valspar suede effect paint and painted it a denim blue. It turned out great, it didn't show a seam or anyhting. I got really tired of the color and decided to paint it a yellow shade. So I put a coat of kilz on it, and was ready to start painting. I saw through the paint that they didn't fill in the lines in the paneling with anything, and the paint shows every panel line under the paper and every seam.I was going to put a semi gloss yellow on the wall, but it will pop out every imperfection even more. I went and got some texture paint with the sand finish, Valspar brand,and tried that in a spot. It was so heavy and stayed wet so long, that the wallpaper started to bubble. When that dried, now I have bubbles by the seams.
I am stuck...can I put new panel over the existing paneling? I don't want to steam off the old wallpaper. Can I sheet rock over the existing paneling?
This wall was an outside wall originally,built in the sixties. It has the original insulation,should I keep it intact? I'm not sure what will fall out, but I could use that to be able to run a phone line a little more conveniently.Do I need to keep the old insulation? Put new in? It's on an inside wall.
So many questions.....please help me, I also have no experience in any of this...
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You can certainly re-panel or hang drywall right over the old stuff - you'll just need to locate the wall studs to be sure you fasten the new material securely!

As for removing the entire wall surface, you could do that and start over with new drywall, too. This will give you access to the studs, etc., so you could run new wiring in the wall -- this will be easy, assuming you have a way to connect the wiring to the source without ripping open other walls or fishing new wiring through other walls, etc.

As for insulation, you don't need to leave the old stuff in there (unless you have some kind of hazard problem - asbestos, lead, etc. - don't disturb these materials yourself). I'm not sure, but I think I gathered correctly that the wall in question started out as an exterior wall but is now an interior wall (as the result of an expansion, perhaps?). If it is indeed an interior wall, you probably don't need new insulation - you could just leave the old stuff or take it out altogether and not replace it. Check your local building codes to be sure that you comply with any requirements that may apply.

Another possibility - strip the wallpaper (Zinsser's gel strippers make this much easier than you might think) down to the old paneling. Skim coat the lines in the paneling with drywall mud and sand them flush. Then paint, wallpaper, whatever. This might be more work than just hanging new drywall, though!

Good luck!


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