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I live in a very old house that has been left to total disrepair. The outside walls are half brick and then on three sides of the house it is wood siding and the other 2 sides are wood shingles. There are no gutters on the house and years of weather have deteriorated the wood shingles. I have replaced 2 of the bottom boards that were just rotted through and when I did I noticed that the studs that held them on have also rotted. I want to replace the wood shingles with either wood to match the rest of the house or with vinyl siding. My question is: Is there a way to replace the rotted studs without having to tear out the whole wall or am I going to have to do a wall at a time until I get all the wood replaced?
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I live in a very old house also, so I feel your pain. You mention that you replaced two bottom boards alrady and then that's when you noticed the rotted studs. If moisture/water has gotten behind the walls, your unfortunately going to hae to strip the boards off to see the full extent of damage. If you don't, you may be forced to rip off your new siding years down the road when other problems start to develop.
Some questions for you.
Is the house a one story or two story. If two story, was it built utilizing balloon style framing?

The brick goes all the way around the house, is the brick higher than the first floor floor? If so how high?
Is there insulation present within the exterior wall cavities?

Are the windows very old and if so do you plan on replacing them? I assume the window frames, if original, are probably showing signs of rot also.

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the brick goes all the way around the house except for the front steps and it goes to the bottom edge of the windows.The house is only one story but the floor is actually about 3 feet from ground level. I dont know about the framing of the house as I have not gotton into it that far. I will probably have to replace the window eventually but they are not showing the signs of deterioration as much as they just need to be painted. The really bad rotting is on the front porch where there is no brick or gutters so the water has just kind of sat around the bottom edges on the porch as well as the water running down the side and seeping in. It doesnt look like the house has ever been painted or at least not in many years. the siding is half wood shingles and just half wood siding. I also do not know if there is insulation present in the exterior wall cavities.

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