Sanding Paneling??/


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Sanding Paneling??/

Good morning ya'll. I have a quick question that hopefully someone can answer. I'm doing some DYI improvements on a 30 year old trailer, mainly cosmetic things. I HATE paneling and decided to fill in the grooves between panels and paint. Now that I am done filling them in, I need to sand it before I Kilz and eventually paint it. What is the most effective and efficient way to sand the paneling? I have a pole sander and electric hand sander. Any insight is appreciated.
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The whole walls going to need to be sanded if you want the paint to stick.
I'd be using a sanding sponge in a ciruler motion where you used the joint compound.
No way would I'd suggest anyone use Kilz for anything. It goes on about as good as using milk.
Your going to need a bonding primer instead.
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Oil base Kilz will do ok, I wouldn't trust the latex version. While there are latex primers that claim to adhere ok to paneling, I have more confidence in the solvent based primers. I've seen a lot of latex primer failure over paneling/varnish but very little with oil base primers and none with pigmented shellac.

Painting paneling normally requires 1 coat primer and 2 coats finish. The paneling needs a good sanding prior to priming and it's a good idea to sand lightly between coats.
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Wash the walls with a TSP solution to remove any grease, oil, or other buildup. Go over them twice if you need to.
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TSP is a great cleaner but make sure it gets rinsed well or it can affect the paint's adhesion.

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