How to make access panel like this?


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How to make access panel like this?


I have seen this ceiling access panel in my building.

Can someone tell me how I can make such an access panel myself?
Is the access panel pre-made? Should we use special tool to cut the ceiling dry-wall?

Thank you
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That one is possibly premade, like a kit. Can't tell if that lid is plastic or what.

You could make your own like that. It's just a hole in the drywall with a big cover lid. The sides of the rough opening would get ball catches mounted to the rough opening. Then the lid would get the other half of the catch. One on each corner of the lid.
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Get it open and take some more pics. I doubt it is held in by ball catches as there is nothing on the exposed surface to grab onto, which would be needed to overcome the tension of ball catches, unless they are adjusted down to give nearly no tension. My guess is that it is either spring loaded or magnetic. Start by giving it a simple push upward first, and see if it unlatches and drops down, then get back to us with some pics of all mechanisms.
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In my line of work I use access panels all the time.
It's much easier to buy them pre-made then to reinvent the wheel.


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