Reuse baseboards and trim


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Reuse baseboards and trim

I have some 10" high baseboards and nice door trims that are probably from 1" pine that they used to use in the old days.
I'm doing a whole apartment renovation and wondering if it will be good to reuse and how? The trim is coming off nicely but the baseboard not so much - it's cracking in places.
Is it just a case of paint stripper and repurpose after that? They must have quite a few coats of paint on...
even trimming the cracked baseboard down to 8" seems better than putting cheap MDF in.
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In most cases it's faster, just replacing it with new wood.
To remove it without damage to the wall or base I'd be using a stiff putty knife against the wall and a flat bar to tap the trim out away from the wall and cutting the nails off with a sawsall between the wall and the back side of the base.
If it's really old they installed the baseboard before the hard wood, in that case I use a Toe Kick saw and just cut it off even with floor, cut out the ends with an occilating saw, then remove the base.
I've never once used MDF for trim and never will.
Got a picture of what your dealing with?
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If trying to save the base you also need to cut any caulking that seals it to the wall before trying to pry it loose.
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I cant even imagine what 1" thick x 10" base would cost new so you certinaly have some vintage material there!

I've never once used MDF for trim and never will.
My rule with MDF, if it can be used where it cant be touched then it's acceptable.

I do a lot of ceiling detail stacking up to 10 pieces of trim so MDF works good, it's cheap and straight.

Put it on the floor or door casings and it will look like krap quickly!
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A lot depends on how the MDF is taken care of. I have a small foyer that has MDF base that was leftovers from a new house I painted. I installed it over 20 yrs ago and it still looks great BUT we don't have indoor pets and the hardwood never gets wetter than what a damp mop will cause. I may have primed the bottom edge.
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quite a few coats of paint
Most likely some or all of it is lead paint. Take proper precautions. No sanding or creating dust.

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