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I have asbestos shingles on my home. I'd like to have a sliging door put in my kitchen where there are currently two windows. In order to do this the asbestos shingles between the exterior of the two windows needs to be removed.

Can anyone give me an idea of how expensive this is to have asbestos shingles removed? What kind of contractor would do this work?

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Contractors reviewing your site for the estimate and installation will certainly notice the shingles. Some may charge an additional fee for their removal and disposal. The next guy may not bat an eyelid. If I was doing it myself, I might wear a paper filter breathing mask. It's not exactly a 'rattlesnake', but a little precaution is probably wise.
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Lightbulb replacement/new shingles

Thanks for your reply.

How about if I want to replace broken asbestos shingles, or if I'm doing a renovation (like removing a door that leads to the outside) where I need to add more shingles to cover up the outside portion of the new section of wall? Are these types of shingles are still manufactured (iI'm assuming the are not)? If not, do you know of any solutions to finding other materials that can be made to match the size and shape of the asbestos shingles?

Finally, what kind of contractor would I look for to remove these shingles?

THANKS in advance!
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alot of times you came find a roofing or siding company that has been in business a long time 40-50 yrs and they will have some in the shop.check around your area for houses being torn down etc.i havent been able to buy any of these in at least ten yrs jack the contractor says he knows where to get them but has not offered any clues as to where.think your best bet is the ones i have given you.any siding or pretty much whoever you get to install your door will do it they are really not very dangorous at all.i would say not at all

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