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My wife recently purchased several packages of do-it-yourself wainscoting. Nope, I wasn't lucky enough to get the 4' x 8 ' sheet, this is the genuine article. The wood is pine, but fairly thin, and I am worried about splitting it when I nail it to the walls.

First, what's the best way of attaching this paneling? The existing walls are drywall with typical stud spacing. These kits came with baseboards and chair rails already grooved to fit the wainscot sections. Is it enough to nail the panels into the drywall, or do I need some sort of horizontal backboard for attaching the panels?

Second, would you recommend an adhesive in addition to/in place of the nails? If so, what kind?

I'm new to this, and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Aren't you supposed to glue it.
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The wainscoting is not a heavy panel so a few finish nails should suffice. And as you say, the chair rail molding will also hold it in place. Adding a little panel adheive is an option, but only if the wainscoting is permanent. If there's a chance it could come down in x years I'd skip the adhesive due to the possible removal later.
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To do a good job toe nail the top right at the top into the drywall with a small finish nail so the chair rail will cover the nails and add adhesive to each board to keep in place small line top to bottom will keep it from moving and feel strong when bumped....Good Luck

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