Water damaged sub floor


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Water damaged sub floor

I see in my house that the subfloor around my toilet looks as though it has water damage from the past. There is a newer ceramic tile floor in that bathroom. And so I don't want to take it up.

Is there any way to reienforce the subfloor from below. Is there a way to tell if it is still strong. The area in question is on one plank at about a 5" length.


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Wood can just be discolored (even black) from being temporarily wet, and not actually be structurally damaged.
To check it, poke it with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver sinks in easily, it is rotted. If it feels solid, it's o.k.
As long as it is solid and not wet at all, it should be stable.
If it is wet, you may have to pull the toilet and replace the wax seal. The toilet flange should be bolted to the floor under the toilet on top of the tile floor level, and the toilet bolted securely to the flange.
There should be no movement of the toilet whatsoever, or it will eventually leak.
You can nail or screw a 14.5" 2X6 flat under it between floor joists for extra support, if you like.
Good Luck!

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