MDF for cabinets, hinges, screws etc


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MDF for cabinets, hinges, screws etc

I have recently discovered 3/4" MDF and like working with it but don't know whether to trust it for kitchen cabinets. Are there special screws that might hold better and can European style hinges be used? I would like to make the door and drawer fronts out of it. If it is completely sealed with a finish to keep it dry is it robust enough to take the punishment a kitchen gets? I would make the carcases out of melamine covered particleboard.


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MDF is nice to cut and router, but 3/4 inch cabinet dorrs will be fairly heavy. You may be able to find or order 1/2.
I've built some bookcases with mdf and found that pre-drilling for screws is a good idea to avoid splitting the mdf. Also, if you can find a non-tapered screw - or connecting screws you will have less splitting problems. Euro hinges will fork fine.
MDF is best painted, but test with your stain choice.
Another option would be to fnd pre-made birch doors and build your MDF carcass around these.
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Too Heavy

I would not recommend using MDF for wall mounted (overhead) cabinets. It is just too heavy. A 3/4" full sheet of the stuff can weight close to 100lbs I think.

You definitely should predrill. MDF can split easily. If you also combine this with glue, you get a really strong joint.

However, sawing the stuff makes more really fine dust than you can image!! Way more than plywood & such. Use a good dust collection system and a quality dust mask. Bad for you lungs.

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