strandboard subfloor


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strandboard subfloor

I installed strandboard (looks like large wood shavings glued together - OSB??) as a subfloor not realising that it is not suitable for use under wood floors. Can I glue the wood down as well as nail it? I believe the problem is that the material doesn't hold nails well enough. Could I use finishing screws? Please help as I don't want to use carpet and I don't like the look of 'floating' engineered wood floors.
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strandboard subfloor

Just a shot in the dark here. Can you not nail the floor through the subfloor and into the joist below. Most of the nails in the last hardwood I took up in my house were nailed through the plywood and into each joist. I don't now if most installers take care to do this but it sure makes for solid floor. This would only work if the joist were running perpendicular to the way you want to lay the floor. If this wasn't the case you might see about using a floor nail with some adhesive on it. I know framing nails have glue that heats up as the nail is driven and sets up really well.
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OSB, or "oriented strand board", is not suitable for subflooring over an unfinished basement or crawlspace as it can absorb moisture and expand and warp.
It should be o.k. to use OSB in a climate-controlled interior (second story) floor not exposed to exterior moisture, however.
If I understand you, you're thinking of installing regular wood flooring directly onto this OSB subflooring?
I wouldn't.
If it's over a basement or crawlspace, install a vapor barrier over it (roofing felt with overlapped edges) and another layer of at least 5/8"plywood flooring before intalling the finish wood flooring, or you're going to have a problem.
Use screws into the floor joists through both layers, and screws in the fields between the joists. You can use LiquidNails adhesive, also.
Maybe lefty (the moderator here, who is a pro...I'm not) can give you better info or other ideas.
That's just my opinion.
Good Luck!
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wood over strandboard

Thanks Mike for your reply;

I couldn't get through to you directly because of your confusing Real Estate site but thanks for your input. What I have is: I am converting a chicken coop to a house. The coop had a thin concrete floor and I have spanned that with 2 x 6 joists. I have put down a polyethylene vapor barrier on top of the concrete floor and an R19 insulation between the joists that span it. I then put the strandboard (OSB) over that. There is no crawl space. Just the joists about an inch above the concrete floor. Can I lay a real wood floor over the OSB?

Please help


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