liquid nails and sheetrock


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liquid nails and sheetrock

Looking for opinions on using liquid nails for sheetrock on walls. Maybe even in a basement. Not sure how dry this basement isor how much is underground, haven't looked at it yet. It is a friends place and they want me to help do it.

Also, is it feasible to strip a ceiling and apply new sheetrock over old sheetrock? I know this might mean readjusting any light fixtures. Would a sagging problem occur at the ends that did not sat on top of wallboard,assuming the ceiling joices are 16" centered? The ceiling in my kitchen has some blown material that did not want to come off, kinda thick where the cabinets used to go all the way to ceiling. I have tried a water spray on these areas thinking that would help. Maybe I need to cut thin slices in these areas, like I have done in removing wallpaper, and spray with water again? This stuff is old and seems very hard and thick, especially where the edges of the top of the cabinets were many years ago.
I did prime it thinking I would blow it anyway and see what it looked like, but I decided these areas would stick out like a sore thumb.
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Liquid nails and drywall adhesive are about the same thing...liquid nails might be a bit thinner, but you're going to have to nail or screw the edges in any case, and I generally stick a few nails in the center to "draw" the sheetrock in tight to the studs while the glue dries.

On nailing another layer over the first, you might probe the edges to see if there is a nailer there to catch, then use 1 1/2" or 2" drywall screws to put the second layer up. If you have some REALLY heavy ceiling coat in some areas, I'd take a floor scraper or flat tipped shovel to it so you don't have a downward hump in the new layer.

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