Covering wall paneling


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Question Covering wall paneling

I have just purchesed a home that has panelling throughout. I feel to remove all the panelling would be too difficult. What we would like are walls that look like finished drywall. Is there a way to paint over the panelling? Can you fill in the grooves with something? I would apprichiate any ideas.

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Jim Bunton
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It is not a problem to paint ovber paneling. You need to make sure it is clean and wax free. Clean with a good cleaner, tsp works. Then prime with a bonding primer, Gripper from Glidden/ ICI paints is a latex primer sealer that will work well if you can't find this just go to the local paint store and ask for their product. After priming you can use joint compound to skim coat the surface.

While it is theroreticaly possible to get the panaling to look like drywall I would say if you had the skills needed to do that type of work with the skim coat that you wouldn't be asking here how to do it. If a lighter color and a some what smoother surface is exceptable to you then go for it, if not I think you might be better off removing the paneling.

Jim Bunton, Bunton Painting

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