Dark Wood Paneling Redo Help

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Dark Wood Paneling Redo Help

We've recently purchased an existing home that has very dark wood paneling in the family room. We would like some help in knowing how to lighten this room up and wonder if it is possible to paint over the paneling with good results? I'm wondering how others have lightened rooms up that have very dark paneling. This paneling appears to be standard wood veneer paneling and could possibly be pried off some walls. We welcome any suggestons from prying off panels, to painting, to ?. Thank you.
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I painted my rough dark pine paneling(off white) a few years back and it did make a world of difference. The 1/4 inch grooves are still there, painted right over them too. Every one here will also say to clean and prime first. Give painting a try first, if you don't like it you can always remove the paneling later.
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Definetly give the paint a try first. Everyone in my neighborhood has the same problem and I'm the only one that ripped all the paneling down. Mine probably ended up looking better in the long run but that was after considerable work tearing off paneling, and paying to have the walls plastered. The largest problem though was that the paneling ran behind all of the door and window trim so once I removed it I had many thickness issues to deal with. Also I have a fireplace in the room that the paneling ran behind, still have'nt really solved the problem created by that.
Give $50 bucks worth of paint a shot, from what I've seen it ends up looking pretty good.
Good luck.
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Had the same problem in an old apartment. The lovely dark fake-wood panelling with the vertical ruts in it. yeesh.

I would do a paint process on it. When I painted my panelling a flat colour, you could pretty much tell it was painted-on panelling. With a design or texture, you can mask that. They sell inexpensive books on this. You can paint your walls to look like wall-paper or sponge paint them to hide imperfections and grooves, etc. It's a lot cheaper than new drywall.

good luck,
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Thumbs up Dreaded dark paneling

My Family and I are moving into a home where the walls are covered with dark walnut wood paneling. Its ok if you like living in a cave, but, I like light and since my motif is southwestern in pale colors, it just wont do. So can I paint the paneling without it looking funny. Or should I tear it off?? Any suggestions will work at this point. Can I use fabric to cover the walls or is that to much hassel. Could someone direct me to a site about sprucing up wood paneling pleeeeezzee!!!!!!
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Painting paneling

Your best bet is a good primer for it. Try B-I-N primer first, then any interior latex you like. I did it in my kitchen (I cut the paneling down to look like wainscoting and put up a chair rail over it. I painted the chair rail and baseboard in a complimentary color.) Looks just like cottage-y wainscoting!

It works. Try it. :-)
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Lightbulb Drk Paneling

Thanks Simplemines, we have been toying with Tack paper but it looked to ..hmm how shall I say it Tacky?? So we tried primering it in a corner and painting it over with a fade slate\teal color.
Wont know till later if it will take or if the drk brnw color will show through. If not then down they come!!!!!
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the wood doctors are here

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Another idea is to wallpaper over the paneling. We had very dark paneling in a dark, shaded room that was hung right on the studs, so it was either treat the paneling or rip it down, hang drywall, etc.

You can use a product on the paneling under the wallpaper that is hung horizontally (Wunder-under, I think - ask where ever you buy wallpaper) that is pasted, hung horizontally the width of the wall, repasted when in place, dries and repasted again. It dries to a very hard surface without grooves or cracks and is ready for paint or paper. We did this 13 years ago and it still appears as a "solid" wall with the paper still well adhered. The only way you know it is paneling is if you knock on it.
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Smile Dark Paneling Headache

Hey WoodDoctor,
Thanks for the tour, however. not interested in buying wood just covering it up to brighten the room.

I actually thought about doing that whole cover up thing but, unfortunately I'm on a time schudule and it doesn't allow me the laxed time to do all that pasting
We've opted for painting with double rollers and 2-tone paint. If that doesn't work then we just gonna have to buy lots and lots of wall pictures to cover it all up
But thanks anyways folks for all your ideas.
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Same problem, but can't paint

We are renting a home with horrible dark walnut paneling from floor to ceiling (that the landlord recently put in on PURPOSE, ugh) and we aren't allowed to paint over it. Any suggestions on covering it without damaging the paneling? We are opening a shop in the home specializing in imported tribal art and ethnobotanicals, if that helps give a feel for the look we are going for.
Thanks in advance!
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Try covering homesote board (a lightweight compressed paper product) with a fabric of your choice then attaching it to the paneling in the groove areas. When you end up leaving the house, pull down the board and fill the screw/nail holes with matching wood putty. No one will be the wiser.

I was going to suggest using fabric as a "wallpaper" and using liquid corn starch as the adhesive. You can pull the fabric off with relative ease and then just wipe off the corn starch. My only concern would be that the corn starch may damage the paneling. Works fantastic on painted walls though! And no damage!

RE: Covering Paneling
My wife and I spackled the grooves and primed the paneling in our family room. Then we covered it with a lightly textured wallpaper. Looks great.

In our Florida room we had real wood paneling. After 2 coats of latex primer the tannin kept showing through, so I nuked it with oil/shellac KILZ and painted it twice. Looks good - just wish I would have used KILZ first instead of wasting time and paint with the latex primer.

Happy trails!

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