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Question Laminated Beam Question

In the house that I am purchasing, the floor is built with the All-Joist System, which is made by Boise Cascade. I have a question regarding the laminate beam, that spans the length of my house in the basement:
I noticed that the color of the wood seems to be very dark, almost brownish/black in some spots. The appearance of the wood looks like it may have been exposed to weather (water or rain), before it was installed. It appears to look like the wood is wet, although, it has been installed now for at least six months with the house enclosed and finished. I would think that it would have dried out by now, if in fact it did get exposed to rain.

Is the color of the wood that I see normal, or is it possible this beam was exposed to moisture?

If in fact it was exposed to moisture, should I be concerned about any effects that it could have on the structure in the future, like rotting, warping, strength loss, etc? I know water and wood don't mix very well and to me, the beam is one of the most important parts of the house.

If the beam was exposed to moisture, is there anything that I can do to the beam, or have the builder do (with the exception of having the builder replace it), to draw the moisture out of it and bring it back to its' original state? Will the wood eventually dry and return to its' original color?

Could it be that after being in the house for at least six months, that the wood is still wet/damp and has not dried out yet?

I would appreciate any info. and comments that you can provide me. Perhaps I am making a big deal about nothing (hopefully I am), but obviously, this is a major purchase for us and I just want to make sure that we're not leaving ourselves open to a problem in the future, that can be corrected now.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks
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If you know the beam is from Boise Cascade, go to the source (see link below).

If you're not sure, find out where the beam came from and ask them.

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