warped wood panelin


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warped wood panelin

I bought a house a couple years ago, and it seems whoever put up the paneling in the living room and dining room really messed up. They must have cut it too short, and now it is bowing out. Underneath is what I assume is plaster walls, like the rest of the house. It is safe to assume we must tear off the paneling and just go about painting the walls or is there a way to score the paneling and nail it back in so it doesn't keep warping? I just hope the walls behind it are ok. If not, how do you fix plaster walls? Thanks!
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It's hard to say what caused the panels to warp. Could be moisture. You could try reattaching it with construction adhesive. You'll need to spread it behind the loose sections, then put a temporary brace in place while it drys. Nails will help also. Use panel nails. They are ringed to hold better. Be sure to hit the studs, otherwise it will pull out.

Removing all the paneling would be a big job. If that's your intent, then remove a couple of sections to assess the wall underneath. At a minimum, you need to patch the nail holes. If it's an old house, the previous owner may have put up paneling to hide crumbling plaster walls. If it's new home, the paneling was probably for decoration. Paneling was big in the '60s. My dad had it in every room in the house, although the walls were perfect underneath.
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Warped paneling

I have also seen paneling warp where the wrong nails were used.

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