light clear wood for bench


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light clear wood for bench

I am drawing up plans for a built-in bench with a full depth storage area under the lid. (basically a long deep box about 17"x17"x72" with a lid) I wanted to use something like maple or birch plywood as they are mostly clear (in terms of visible grain). I have used oak before but I would prefer a less grainy finish for this project.

The local Home Depot carries birch plywood but not solid pieces for finishing the edges or base. They do carry strips of maple but not the plywood. I asked at another lumber yard and they said that the maple could be ordered but that it could be easily twice the cost of oak - much more than I was willing to spend.

Any ideas for what kind of light clear wood I could use for this project? My plans call for one 4'x8' plywood board and several lengths of solid wood for edges, framing and the base.

Maybe I am not looking in the right type of store. If you know of a good source in the Cleveland, OH area, please let me know.

P.S. I do not own a planer so I don't plan to buy anything rough cut.
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I am far from an expert at furniture building, but have you considered using maple lumber with edge glued biscuits? I've seen "Norm" on New Yankee Workshop use this many times. The advantage is that smaller diameter of wood is less likely to warp. He uses a "biscuit" cutter. I've done this on a smaller scale with pine boards. I used dowels instead of biscuits.

The only other option I can think of is to go with the birch plywood you looked at. Use a glue-on veneer to cover the edges.
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Your local HD hould also carry either ash or clear poplar boards for your project. Or check in the phone book for other lumber sources, just shop around.

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