Ride-on toy for 9 year old


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Ride-on toy for 9 year old

Can anyone give any suggestions for a ride-on (battery-operated) toy for our 9 year old daughter. She's never had one because we've lived where it wasn't possible, but she's always wanted one. We've moved and now have all the space she needs to ride. Even now when we go to Toy's R Us she's fascinated with these things! We've thought about a Golf Cart, but thats something an adult whould have to ride with her and costly$$. She only weighs 55 lbs., but she looks ridiculus riding the ones you see in the stores. We've looked on the internet with no luck. Should we give it up?

Thanks for any help!
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If you purchase this thing for her at the age of 9, by the time she's 13 you may finding yourself back here asking for advive on purchasing a $5000.00+ quad.

This issue is ongoing with people I know and by my observation, the kids that get these types of play things become somewhat isolated from the majority that cannot afford them, and get no exersise other that in their wrist action.

How about an good quality bmx or mountain bike that she can contribute to from an allowance or earned money.
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It's very true what Greg said. But.. My girl at 8 wanted a Barbi Jeep and her and her friends cruise the neighborhood in the Jeep with their sunglasses on and it's as funny as could be. If you choose this route just be sure and monitor them so they don't get hurt. If you all are into atv's just be very cautious and only buy them what hey are ready for, not what the salesman tries to sell you. Too many people today buy their kids atv's way to powerfull for their kids and end up paying the ultimate price.
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Get a riding lawnmower. They don't go all that fast, teach motor skills, eye/hand coordination and you get the side benefit of a great looking lawn. On a more serious note, she will probably outgrow whatever type "TOY" you buy her. My Grandaughter had the Barbie Jeep and she sprouted so fast she could only get into it for one year. Good luck.
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Thanks everyone. It's hard not to spoil her, she's our only child and it seems like she was 2 yesterday. She's a great kid and really doesn't ask for anything. An ATV is definately out of the question (she just learned how to ride a bike!). I'll look at the Barbie Jeep, but it looks like mom's gonna have to give this one up.

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