tips for getting 3 yo out of bed in am


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Question tips for getting 3 yo out of bed in am

does anyone have any good tips/tricks for getting cranky toddlers out of bed in the morning? and don't just say "get her to bed earlier the night before", because that's not the problem. she's getting plenty of sleep, she's just not a morning person (just like her mommy!! ) she's rested, but she's upset that she has to get out of that nice, warm, comfy bed! mom, dad & brother are all up, lights are on, cartoons are playing, so it's a cheerful atmosphere. even though she's awake, we can't get her OUT of the bed without a major battle & crying fit.

the last 2 mornings, we've had a bit of luck using food to entice her. yesterday, there were (out of the ordinary) donut holes to lure her with, and today we bribed her with a cup of surgary cereal! but then there's the battle of her wanting the treat FIRST, instead of AFTER her morning get-ready routine, and there's just not time left for that! and i really hate using food to get kids to do something. plus, she officially eats breakfast at preschool, which is a real convenience (that we're paying for), so i'd hate to have to start actually feeding her at home.

i'm hoping someone else has had the same problem & found a solution....anyone???

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She's old enough - have you asked her why she doesn't want to get up or what it would take to get her to get up?

You're a lot bigger than she is, you could just lift her out of bed - make whether she wants to irrelevant.
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1. she doesn't want to get up because she's "still sweepy!!"

2. nothing will motivate her to get out of bed.

3. physically removing her from the bed is what we've been doing! but lifting a kicking/screaming/crying kid out of bed every morning is losing it's appeal.........

actually, this morning was better. just knowing there was a treat of cereal or a granola bar or fruit snacks in her future made her slightly more cooperative.

i'll probably be writing back in a few months for tips on how to get chunky toddlers to lose weight!!!
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Ask her when she's not "sweepy" why she doesn't like getting up in the morning and what you can do to help her get up...maybe she'd come up w/something good.

I've done it before and it sorta son wanted me to wake him up quietly and tickle him...he's 10 now so I don't do that! He's not a morning person either but when he doesn't get up I tell him he probably needs to go to bed earlier. With that said verbally to him he wakes up cuz he doesn't like going to be earlier.

Maybe let her think of consequences if she doesn't get up or tickle her to death...I mean until she gives up and gets out of bed.

How stressful it must be for you!
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Try behavior modification. This involves consistency on your part and consistency of bedtime and getting up time.

Make a chart. Decorate it with smiley face stickers or something colorful and fun. You will need some star stickers. Each time the child gets out of bed without crying and fussing (You will, of course, have to explain the new game rules!) she will get a star! After 7 stars, then she will receive something special. It may be that she collects something or likes a certain kind of book or likes to go to the park.

Be patient and consistent. If she does not get up when asked and gets fussy, then move the bedtime up an hour. Continue to move it up until she gets the hang of the new game. Do not fuss or beg the child. Remain silent and simply pick the child up and take her to the bathroom for morning potty. If she is fussy, remain silent and ignore the negative behavior. Never reinforce a negative behavior. Praise positive behavior. Praise! Praise! Praise! Don't expect immediate results. Don't expect success every day in a row. After 7 stars and lots of praise and positive reinforcement each time she gets a star, you will begin to see modification of the behavior. Remember lots of praise and she will want lots of stars and the prizes.

As she gets better and better at getting out of bed, then it will be time to move to the next stage. That's when you buy a big alarm clock (not digital). Then, she will be in charge of getting herself out of bed. Continue with the stars if necessary. The clock will come in handy for learning how to tell time. It will also help when she is getting ready to go to school. When the little hand is on the 7 and the big hand is on the 6, it is time to gather up the bookbag, lunch, and coat and go out the front door. By beginning at a very young age to teach children to be responsible, it saves lots of problems later on.

Never use food for positive reinforcement! You do not want to teach the child that she should award herself with food for good behavior, good grades, or a job well done.
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Getting Toddlers up HAPPY!!!

two of my four girls, were like this! I did silly music, and silly things like lip sync into the egg beater or the wooden spatula! My kids love music, and they would just get up singing and dancing! Also, I found that when I let them choose their clothes, get their bowl ready for cereal, and choose an activity for the next afternoon (we write it down on a piece of paper and hang it on the refridgerator) They were easier to get out of bed.
Hope it helps, everyone is different.
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Positive reinforcement works wonders with getting children to do the things you want.
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When mine were younger they didn't want to get up either. Especially if it was cool in the house. I would turn up the heat (if winter) well before they got up so the house would be warmer. I also dressed them lighter at night since they were bundled under the covers, but in the morning would rub their legs, feet, arms and hands to get them warm. I also would dress them in their beds, mainly socks since I did want them to learn to dress themselves.

My 13yo is still very much NOT a morning person so it takes rubbing his arms and talking to him to urge him awake. He can talk to you, like he's awake, but be asleep again instantly.

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