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night owl

Our two and a half year old that seems to be a wild child during the day, is begining to have problems during the night. He used to go to sleep with a movie, and sleep quietly through the night. Now he is coming in our room,at 1,2,3 in the morning, and sleeping on our floor. Is there any way to stop this?

And if anyone has any ideas, he has also suddenly aquired some fascination with changing his own diaper, but only when he poops. Faithfully now, he takes off his diaper everytime he poops!
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Children respond well to a bedtime routine. Announce about a half hour before bedtime that it is almost time for bedtime. This gives you an opportunity to provide the child with a sip of water and a snack. Then, it's toothbrushing and washing up for bed. Make sure the child goes to the potty before bedtime.

Once in bed, spend a few minutes talking, giving a back rub, or reading a short story. Bedtimes can be made special times that make children want to go to bed and stay there.

Explain to your child that he is expected to stay there all night. If you are awakened when the child comes into your room, escort the child back to bed immediately and explain that he must sleep in his bed all night. No stories, songs, etc. Be firm and consistent. Don't over react. Simply state, "The rule is that you sleep in your bed all night." With consistency and stating the rule, the child should soon be staying in his bed all night.

Sounds like your child is beginning to be interested in potty training. Removing pants and diaper is a signal. "Faithfully now, he takes off his diaper everytime he poops!" I assume that this is afterwards. If so, he must find a dirty diaper uncomfortable. Too, he knows that you have been removing the diaper after he messes it. Thus, he knows it is supposed to come off.

If you have not already introduced a potty chair, it might be a good time to do so. You can tell him that he will soon be going to the potty in the little potty. You can begin encouraging the child to sit on the potty for a few minutes before and after naps and after meals. Reward the child with praise if he has success. You can also remove diaper for short periods and encourage the child to go to the little potty if he needs to use it. If child removes diaper, remind him that he should use the little potty if he needs to. Do not fuss if there is an accident, accidents do happen.

If your child can communicate the need to go to the potty, then he is emotionally ready for potty training. Your child is ready for potty training when he is physically able to control the bladder and sphincter (or anal) muscles. Just because a child expresses an interest in potty training does not mean he is emotionally or physically ready.

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