Birthday Ideas for my 100 year old Aunt?


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Birthday Ideas for my 100 year old Aunt?

My fathers sister is turning 100 years old this late August, and our families are now turning our minds to what can be done to help celebrate this occasion. Her nieces are sending in the proper paper work and birth certificates to the Queen and to the Govt of Canada for the Congratulatory Letters of Achievement from both these heads of State.
For her 80th surprise party we had books of past photo collages and had special friends of hers attending., But as the past 20 years have gone by not very many friends of hers exist today, only Family and neighbors. We will be having a Big Cake and there will be a lot of photos and videos taken on this special day as well. Her health is pretty good for 99 as she takes the BUS to the supermarket 12 blocks away and a Cab back again with her one bag of groceries twice a week. Her 600 sq ft apartment is still her home after 30 years. She takes the occasional trip to either Reno or Alaska but I believe those trips were in the past ten years and thus lately trips are becoming very cumbersome and tiring not only for her but for any one of us these days.
Her apartment comprises it self of a 19 in color TV basic cable & a record player/radio ( no CD or DVD player, she is not interested in any new technologys)., and her big button telephone with no calling features or call display is her other daily communication device. Her apartment consists of numerous photgraphs and ornament/trinkets and a few flower pots on her balcony. She meets once a week with my brother who works in the neighborhood for coffee, and walks to and from this coffee shop three blocks for weekly exercise. She never forgets birthdays and has a good recollection of dates and past occurances of her life. She never married and is not overly religious to any one faith.

What Could we do/ or have you done for your aging relatives for a special 100th Birthday party??
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My best friend's mom (99) has been in the local nursing home for several years. Each year my friend has rented the local Senior Center. [Local church gathering rooms are an option.] Family and friends gathered there, and my friend would serve the typical party sandwiches, veggies, chips, and cake. The last couple years she opted for favorite family dishes like chicken and dumplings, meat loaf, pinto beans, cornbread. The comfort foods on which Appalachian family memories are built.

Family does not necessarily mean related by blood. Friends and neighbors can be closer than family.

Last year my friend's mom was not well enough to attend her own birthday party. The family, although disappointed, agreed to carry on the tradition of the gathering once her mom passes. Good food and fond memories unite this group. The younger set has introduced karoke and dancing the last couple years.

Raffle tickets can be distributed upon entry and winners take home centerpieces or other door prizes. Or, there can be party favors. These could be as simple as a photo of your aunt mounted and framed with scrapbooking materials.

My friend always gets her mom a gift or two of practical things in her wardrobe that need replacing--undies, gowns, etc. She instructs the rest of the family and friends to skip the gifts. There's simply not enough room in the half closet or on the single nightstand for anything new.

You might want to inventory what your loved one needs, like undies, gowns, new towels. Most seniors who are still housekeeping already have everything they need. A box of all-occasion greeting cards tend to be favored by seniors. Some still write letters and appreciate a tablet of stationery and envelopes and postage stamps. Seniors tend to suffer from dry skin, so lotion is always appreciated. If you do gifts, have someone keep a list of who gave what so that thank you notes can be sent.
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Your aunt's a tough case because you can't just throw great grandchildren at her - she's outside the mainstream breeder zone. And, sounds like she's somewhat of a loner by choice, so I'd imagine a big social gathering is not exactly the ocean she'd like to swim in.

Though I guess she'll love the attention, even if the actual event is overwhelming.
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Unless you definitely think she wouldn't like it, a nice reception party with friends and family. Years ago, when my Bushia (grandma in polish) turned 80, they rented a reception hall and had a surprise party. (consider her health in that regard).

Either way, congrats to her on her century mark. I'll bet she has seen alot, and has lots of stories to tell.

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