Add a 1/2 ounce of pep?


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Question Add a 1/2 ounce of pep?

I own a 97 toyota corolla CE. It's a good car for commuting and has never given me an ounce of trouble. (Which is amazing considering my previous track record with cars!) The thing has decent acceleration with the A/C off but as soon as I add the A/C it seems to lug it down quite a bit. I've been surfing ebay recently and have noticed some do-it-urself kits for adding HP. For instance a chip that recalibrates the timing which adds 20HP. Another one recalibrates the O2 sensor and adds 10-15HP. And another is an K&N Air Filter kit. Now, I know you can get mod chips for about $300 or more which do work, but all these together is running less than $80. Together, I could boost it from 100HP to about 140HP - If those numbers are real. I was wandering if anyone new how well they will work, or if they'll destroy my car. If I can atleast match the performance as without the ac that would be great! Any Ideas?

Thanx in advance!

btw - it's nice to find an actuall real no bs forum. You guys are great!
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Zero benefit.

Both the 1.6 4AFE and 1.8 7AFE engines are built for economy...and should be kept that way.

If you're LUCKY, all those mods will give you 20 real horsepower, if that, and you're likely you have more trouble than it is worth. Stay with the stock configuration. If the car is that painfully slow, pitch it for something with more pizzazz.

I'm sure you didn't buy a Corolla for how fast it is .
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Ya, I kinda figured that would be the answer. I guess I'll postpone taking it the drag. Thanks for the Help Joe!

Keep on Keeping on!

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