Mazda 626 Lurching


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Buzz Lighthead
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Unhappy Mazda 626 Lurching

My 1995 has been lurching latley.The car runs fine,only if I accelerate quickly does it hesitate.I dont know if its from some bad gas ,dirty gas filter or vacuum advance problem.If anyone ever had this problem,please respond with a possible cure.Much thanks in advance.This is the 1st and only time it ever happened.My engine trouble light comes on every once and a while,It has not come on at all since the lurching or hesitating began.
I have the 2.2liter engine
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If the check engine light is on, bring it to any Autozone store and they will pull the codes for free.

Tell us what you find after they do that.
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Buzz Lighthead
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The people at Auto Zone told me they do not do the test on foreign autos,I guess its off to Mazda,I also hear a noise in the vicinity of my belts,A/C alternator,like a air escaping sound.The engine trouble light is on much less often,almost never comes on since the lurching problem.This really seems more like a fuel delivery problem,or fuel injection,possibly thr vacuum advance or auto choke,I,am at work today I will pop the hood and take a closer look.
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like a air escaping sound

Like maybe a vacuum leak?
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Buzz Lighthead
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That is a possibility,now trying to find the leak.I have a feeling it has to do with the vacuum,since it lurches and seems to loose power if you acellerate to quickly,It runs fine as long as you dont hit the gas quickly,I will check it out today.

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