Rear main seal/oil pan 454 chevy


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Question Rear main seal/oil pan 454 chevy

Hi . I just bought a 86 southwind motor home that has a 454 in it(80,000 mile). It has a oil leak which is coming from the back of the motor, so I figure it is the rear main or maybe if Im lucky, just the oil pan gasket. It is leaking while driving , because it is on the back of the coach and it leaks a spot about the size of a soda can then quits when parked. The valve covers arent leaking at all. It is also allover the trany. It used 1 qt in about 350 miles. I am pulling the oil pan to replace that gasket tomorrow night, but if its the rear main, how do I go about changing that or determining if it is leaking? It is more than likely the 2 pc seal(W eng code) because I dont think thay changed to a 1 pc in a big block until 1990(I could be wrong) Can it be changed period? I know somehow in a small block the bottom pc is changed but I have never changed one. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanked in advance!!
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Gunk the area down so it's clean. Fill up your fluids and observe now where the leak is coming from.

See the autolibrary link I have below for the seal R&R procedure. Look it up for a K3500 truck with the same engine and trans as your motorhome and that should suffice as a reference.
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As mentioned, use the link that is BOOKMARKED (as it is shown) in my signature file below.
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ok, I see it now, i dont quite understand the dowel rod thing though, but I think it is just the oil pan gasket , so Im just going to change that.
My problem now is this. I cant get the oil pan off the vehicle. It wont fit between the crossmemeber and motor. I removed the linkage on front , trying to get a little more room but not enough. Do I have to jack up the motor or can I get any room by jacking up the trany. I dont have a cherry picker , all I have is a small floor jack. I just dont know what route to go. thanks
Also, what silicone is best for the oil pan , the red high heat or black or what?
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It would be wise to change the rear main seal when you do the pan gasket. Even if it isn't leaking, because it is a simple job, and will require the oil pan be removed in the future if it starts to leak. I have had the best sucess using indian head gasket cement to hold the gasket in place on the engine, and anaerobic sealer between the gasket and oil pan. This sealer is a little expensive, but you can't beat it in my opinion. Napa sells it, but autozone and advance don't. Anaerobic sealer gives you indefinite amount of working time.
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Ok, I chnged the rear main with no problems at all. I got felpro brand, and it comes with a tool so you dont scar the seal, as for the tool for tapping it in, I pushed it in with my fingers. I also replaced the oil pump with a melling high volume and put a new tube/ screen on it. I also used the new problem solver 1 pc oil pan gasket by felpro which cost a whopping 40.00! I dont know if it leaks yet ,it is not running yet, but you dont use silicone on it except on the corners. I just hope it works.
Now on to motorhome oil pan removal. This info is so you all can answer someone elses question better. The oil pan cannot come out unless motor is raised at least 6 inces and the trany has to be loosened and moved back and the flywheel removed to get it off. My 1 day job turned into 2 days ,trany jack and motor lift rental, and I still have a few little things to fix up next weekend.This probably holds true to 1 tons with a big block in them also I dont know. A big job in the middle of my driveway.

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