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hi forum:

This is Mina again. My 1998 hyundai elantra sedan is acting up since last week. While driving last week, I noticed that ocassionally the car would "kick backwards" and when I accelarated it picked up speed normally but I felt that the car stayed in the same gear instead of shifting. When I got closer to the traffic light, I removed my foot from the accelarator, and the car used to kick backwards again.

THis week, the car feels heavier to drive and there is a check engine light on. Because the car feels heavy, I have noticed that this car is using up fuel more quickly than before. I believe that the engine is probably getting hot because It feels hot around my feet when I drive.

I made sure that the car has enough coolant and all other necessary liquid. I have also looked at your "The basics" for some answers, but could not find any suggestions there.

THere is no bad fume or out of the ordinary noise coming from the car.

Any idea what might be going on with this car???

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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next time you drive the car, pay attn to how many times it shifts(assuming it is an auto). By the time you get on the freeway, it should have shifted 3 times, into 4th gear.

Around the street, pay attention to the Tachometer, hopefully you have one, if you don't, does the engine sound like it is revving quite a bit?
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The check engine light is likely the cause of the problem. Go to any Autozone and they will scan the car for codes and advise the cause of the light.

Not sure about 1998, but don't Hyundai models have a 10 year warranty? Not sure when they started with that, but if they do, the dealer might fix it free .

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