Cougar water pump


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Cougar water pump

I have a fule injected 302. And no I've never had the cooling system checked. I've always done all my car repairs on my various cars over the years myself.
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Sorry. I didn't know I was supposed to click a reply button instead of just posting a message. I didn't see it.
I'll re-cap my problem for you in case I missed something before. I have an '87 Cougar with a fule injected 302. It keeps blowing the gasket out on the water pump. I replaced the pump and seal but it blew again. I tried another seal, it blew, and then I tried the liquid gasket, but it blew out as well. The surface is clean and sound. I've never had a profesional look at the cooling system, I've always done all repair work on my various cars myself. But I don't seem to be able to figure out what the problem is this time.
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are you sure it is the water pump gasket that is leaking and not the timing cover, is all the bolts tightened down good and no stripped out threads , if your surfaces are clean and flat with no scarring the waterpump gasket should not leak it should be able to easily withstand the cooling system pressure regulated by your radiater cap, i suspect your leak is elsewhere like intake manifold or timing cover and it just appears to be leaking from the waterpump maybe take a closer look at where it is coming from.
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Yes I'm sure of where the problem is located. It isn't a leak, the gasket its'self keeps blowing out. The gasket shreds. It doesn't leak, it pores. The bolts aren't striped, the surface is flat, and I've been usuing factory gaskets made for my year, make and model of car. So maybe I need a new rad cap then?
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Run the car (until the engine is warmed up) without the radiator cap on. Look for bubbles in the radiator (signs of head gasket failure). That is of course after the gasket has been replaced. If no bubbles are present then replace the T-stat along with the radiator cap. But I don't believe a radiator cap will solve the problem, the system should not build enough pressure to "blow" the gasket, I would think that only a blown gasket will do that. But I'm not a mechanic, just an engineer...

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