91 Chev Lumina (sedan)


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91 Chev Lumina (sedan)

Rear fiberglass arched spring. It is creaking at the ends. How do I get it to stop? The spring itself looks just fine. The ends are sitting directly on the Spindle casting. Is there suppose to be a wear plate there? Do I super lube it or just the opposite? In other words is it suppose to be clean and dry. I don't have any weight in the trunk ... would that help? Any suggestions are appreciated. The noise doesn't bother me that much .. it is now the noise coming from the wifes constant complaining about it that is annoying me more .. lol. Regards, qman
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Check for known bulletins in Alldata.com on this subject. Sounds like worn springs.
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I believe that spring is fiberglass. I don't know how that effects what kind of lube you can (or can not) use.

I'm starting to wonder if that's what the noise is in the back of my grand prix as well. I've heard there are rubber pads that wear off and leave the spring to rub on metal and make noise.

I find the noise tolerable as well, but if it's a cheap fix, why not? If you get any type of lube to work let me know.
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i think there is supposed to be a rubber end pad that does go onto the end of the leaf, i would suggest you go to dealership and have them look up the part and buy replacements.
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Thumbs up Thanx 4 feedback

Joe - I did find a bulletin dated 99 for groaning etc. in rear but no details. I will have to ask at a dealership. (nice link .. thanks)

Jason and Bejay - I never thought about there being an end piece for them. Seems plausible. I will check it out. Thanks for the idea its appreciated.

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There was a rubber pad in each spindle to eliminate noise, but through jounce and rebound of the suspension, it wears a hole and eventually falls out completely. I've seen a bunch of these. Installing the replacement rubber pads requires removal of the spring(nearly impossible without the special spring compressor for W-bodies). When I worked in an independent shop, we cut a chunk of tire tread to fit between spring and spindle as a "cheap" alternative. This was usually a semi-permanent repair, anywhere from a year or two life expectancy. This may be a beyach to do as the suspension will have to held down while spring is compressed to allow pad to be installed. Kinda hard to explain without a visual. My suggestion is to take it to a shop to have repaired with the proper parts and tools. Eventually the spindle will fray the ends of the spring and cause it to shatter requiring replacement of the spring. Good Luck!
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Troy 65
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Rear transverse spring noise

You can get the parts from a GM dealership to fix this problem.
Insulator kit # 10432057
Adhesive # 10432060
You might have to order these items.
We have been using nylon pads, that fit on to the spindle, under each end of the spring. These are aftermarket items.
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Fishpounder - I know what you mean. I used pieces of rubber from an exhaust hanger a couple of months back and solved the problem (for a couple of months ..lol). Thats why I wondered if there was suppose to be a pad there. Checked a service manual just yesterday and kinda figured from what I saw that I would probably need the tool to replace the ends. Not much room there to just slip the insulators on like a sock ...

Troy - I'll check into your aftermarket suggestion. Anything to save a buck nowadays is a good idea!

I'm just moving into this 90's stuff now. My 85 olds has finally wornout and my 80 Riveara is well 'on blocks hibernating'. Things were much easier to repair on the old stuff ... sigh!

Thanks for your input guys, Regards qman

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Depending on which 1985 Oldsmobile you're better off with that than the Lumina

The 80 Riv has a great engine but a dastardly expensive powertrain when it gives up hope.
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Thumbs up After market parts

Troy65 - Sorry I did not post sooner but I was away on vacation. Anyway to anyone interested for future reference Troy65 was "right on" with his aftermarket suggestion.

34 dollars (can) for two "friction blocks" that just slide in and sit on the spindle. No adhesive or other parts required. No Muss, No Fuss! They are designed to be locked into place by the compression of the spring. Be sure to do both sides and not just one. Carefully pry leaf end up (after jacking car to take weight off spring) and slide into position from between wheel and spindle side.

Did mine a week ago and and so far

Thanks for all your input peeps! Regards, ima_qman


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