Ford Mustand Hatchback Body work

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Ford Mustand Hatchback Body work

How does one replace the headliner in an '88 Ford Mustang Hatchback. I want to sell it and don't want to spend a lot to get this job done.

Also, the sunrook leaks. Is there a sealant or caulk to solve this problem?
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By replacing the fabric and regluing it to the board. Can't reglue the old stuff, it's stretched and wiped out. Will just fall again. Not worth the time and effort to fix it if you are going to sell it.

As for the sunroof, you can put some silicone around it, but I suspect it has to be taken out and resealed. If you put silicone on it, someone is GOING TO KNOW it leaked .

I stay staple the headliner with some staples and knock a few hundred off the selling price and tell the new owner you did so as you recognized these problems. Cheaper this way and you're still being honest.
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My sunroof used to leak as well. My drain holes were blocked with bondo from the body job the guy who had it before me did. There are 4 holes. You should check your drain holes and make sure they aren't blocked. Inside the sunroof well and at the bottem where the water drains out. Also make sure your rubber strip is tight all the way aroung.

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