Problem with brake replacement

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Problem with brake replacement

I have a 96 dodge neon, 4cyl, automatic. I replaced the brakes front and back with no problem, but now I am having trouble bleeding them. I started at the furthest wheel away from the master and worked my way to the closest. After I did the back two the brakes felt solid, but then I finished with the front and now I cant seem to get hardly any brake at all. I used a hose over the zerk to keep air from getting back in before I closed the valve, the other end of the hose I kept in the bottle of brake fluid. We have tried this routine three times, what am I doing wrong.
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Get a helper.

Fill the reservoir with fluid, cap it off. Have the helper pump the brake up till it's hard. Then release the bleeder and the air will come out. Go all the way around on each wheel until you have a steady, clear stream coming out of each wheel.

Make sure the master cylinder stays full during this whole exercise or you will be doing it again.

Check the autolibrary link I have below for more information.

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