A/C problem

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A/C problem

1992 Ford Taurus Wagon
3.0 litre V6

Recently my A/C stopped blowing cold. When I put a gauge on it there was no measurable pressure. When I attempted to charge it the high pressure bleed off valve opened as soon as I started to read a little pressure. I replaced the valve, same thing happens. Must be some kind of blockage. Anyone had any experience like this?

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1. Do you have a set of a/c gauges, or are you attempting to chage using one of those cheesey charge kits?

2. Is the sytem still running R-12 or has it been retrofitted?

3. Does the cooling fan come on when the a/c clutch is engaged?

Your car uses the dreaded FX-15 a/c compressor. When it fails, it pollutes the entire a/c system with a nasty sludge. The trade term for this mess is "black death".

If I had to guess, I'd say your compressor is in the early stages of failure & has puked up enough of its guts to clog the orifice tube. This creates a severe blockage in the high side, which sends pressures through the roof & eventually blows the relief valve.

An inoperative cooling fan could also cause the relief valve to blow.

I hope for your sake the fan is the problem. Black death requires all components forward of the firewall to be replaced. About $750-$1000 if you have a shop do the work.
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'92 Taurus A/C

System is 134. Where is the orifice tube? I'll check it.
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Whoa Nelley.

Answer Knuckles other questions, they are just as relevant as the one you answered.

For one R134A charges are not the same as R12 as far as system capacity.

He asks valid questions.

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