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If you want to be sarcastic about my problems then fine, gasoline is budgeted and the haynes and or chiltons is not budgeted. I thank you for your kind reply tho.
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I believe this goes to another post I answered and provided you with sound advice, but here's my .02. I'll also ask you kindly not to be saracastic to my comoderator Knuckles, as he, myself and everyone on this forum DO THIS FOR FREE ON OUR OWN TIME.

I.E: No one owes you an answer. We do this because we like to help folks. Don't test our patience with your scarcasm. You'll lose with me, hands down.

With that in mind, onto business:

1) The links in my signature file provide plenty of FREE information. You should have read through the posts first. Any that I've replied to (including this one) has some GREAT information that I KNOW folks have used and solved their problems. I suggest you start there too.

2) Barring that, most local libraries have repair manuals (such as Haynes and Chilton) that you can borrow for free. I suggest you do that if Autolibrary has nothing on your car.

3) With that being said, your comment above just tells me one of two things: Poor budgeting or outright cheapness. Before you take a wrench to the car, you should take your reading glasses and the book as the first tool. I've been doing this quite a while, and I can tell you, it's the first thing I do!

4) With that in mind, if you have to buy the book because nothing FREE (see there goes that word again ) helps ya out, it will set you back 15 bucks, or as Knuckles said earlier, a tank of gas. A cheap price to pay, let me tell ya. Labor in most shops runs, what? 75 bucks an hour. If nothing else, you have good reading and you're ahead 50 bucks. Not bad, huh?

If you tell me you refuse to buy the book, I wonder if your doctor prescribes to using what comes to his head on that day to treat you. I think not, he uses books and resources. You should too.

Let us know what you find.

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