'96 Mercury Tracer Solenoid Problem

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'96 Mercury Tracer Solenoid Problem

Hello, I have a '96 Mercury Tracer that has been acting funny lately. It almost seems like the car doesn't want to shift at times. This usually happens only after driving it for a while. Either it stays in a low gear and the RPMs skyrocket, or it stays in a high gear and I tap the accelerator and it jumps forward. I took it to the shop and they ran a computer check on it and said that Solenoid A was reporting a problem.
Now, does this mean that all I need to do is replace the bad solenoid? How do I do this? Or might there be something worse that's wrong?

I know very little about cars, but would rather try to replace this thing myself than pay a lot for someone else to do it if it's something easily done.

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Depending on the solenoid, it's pretty straightforward, but I suggest you have it done if your knowledge is minimal. The trans pan has to come down and you have to install a new gasket and solenoid, assuming that's what it is.

You're looking at maybe 150 to do the whole job at a shop. Might be cheaper and less frustrating to have it done.

See the autolibrary link I have below to see if they have anything on it.

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