Battery that won't charge...


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Battery that won't charge...

1990 Buick LeSabre

Just yesterday my battery warning light came on to let me know that my battery was running low. By the end of the day, I had just made it home. It barely started and my lights were getting dimmer and dimmer as I was driving home. So, I put the battery on a charger for about 2 hours and the meter showed that it was at 95%. I thought that this was odd but let it charge for a while. When I came back outside 2 hours later, it was still on 95%. I tried to start the car and it only turned over slowly until it stopped. My battery is only about 1 1/2 years old and seems like it's completely dead. And it won't charge. What's going on?
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Sounds like a wiped battery. What brand? Make sure it has not lost too much water (more than a 1/4"). Some batteries are notorious sweaters and give up hope fast.

Use Delco batteries in GM cars for longest life.
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A couple other things you will want to check. You may already have, though, so if you have, sorry.

1) Check to make sure that the belt driving the alternator is still there. If not, replace it and the battery. If the Buick has a serpentine belt, then the belt isn't the problem b/c nothing would run right.

2) Make sure your alternator is fine. Mine went out in my old truck and wouldn't charge the battery. I had to replace both. I had a champion battery in my truck, loved it. No problems at all. Delco is a top choice too as Joe said.

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