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Question belt tensioner

How can I tell if my belt tensioner needs to be replaced? I was just told that my tensioner on my 98 blazer needs replacing. I see it move (slight jerk) while idling. Should the belt follow a near-perfect smooth path? Is this the problem or should it be more evident?

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Sounds wiped out. It shouldn't move like that.

Usually there is a wear mark range and the pointer moves to show it's worn out..

Check below to see if they have something on it.
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I'd take the belt off from it and simply check it for runout. In and out and up and down.Some movement is normal. It can't run too tight because it would generate too much heat. BAD THING. You can usually go by feel. If it feels gritty- the bearings gone. You could probably replace the bearing if you were so inclined. They usually just press out of the bore of the pulley. With that check the bearing number and acquire a new one and press it in. You'll probably need use of an arbor press but it can be done with deep-well sockets and a bench vise. Good Luck.

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