oil in exhaust?


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Question oil in exhaust?

I have a 1968 289 which has been stored for a couple of years while I worked on the car. When the car was done, I fired up the engine without performing the golden rule of priming the oil system. The engine runs fine and when I pulled the plugs after a few hundred miles all of them were a nice tan color.

The problem is the exhaust. When I start the car a very oily soot belches out of the exhaust pipes. I can't figure it out. Why would the plugs be clean but the exhaust be so dirty? What do I need to do?

Thanks for your help.
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It could be loaded with carbon or bad valve stem seals from sitting, especially if only on initial start up.

This is a very common thing in Chevy V8's, not sure about Ford, but it sounds plausible based on your description.
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Thanks for the info. Wouldn't bad valve stem seals cause the plugs to be fouled?
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Not necessarily. It would appear on startup and the plugs would burn off the junk that gets on there at that point.
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I have seen bad stems cause engines to smoke really bad when first started up. I have also had Fords to have problems with the drainbacks not draining and burning the oil off in the valve cover that had seeped through the guides. Some of the older Fords seemed very susceptible to this. When the drainbacks were cleaned out, they would be fine.

One that comes to mind was a '68 Ford truck. I thought the engine was shot, except it ran fine, just smoked really bad. But then I remembered I had a '5? 2 door Ford wagon once, I gave 7 bucks for it with air . That thing would leave a smoke ring around the block. I traded it to a cousin for a '58 Thunderbird with broken engine mounts who cleaned the drainbacks out and did pretty well on it. I sold the Thunderbird for $15 at a scrap yard! I wish I had them both now!
Anyway, I had to clean the drainbacks twice while I had the truck., but I had it for quite a long time.
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Thanks for the additional info. I think I'm going to replace the valve seals and hope for the best on the guides. They should be ok because the engine was rebuilt and doesn't have that many miles on it (it just sat for a long time).

It's funny the number of times I hear that people owned jewels and then got rid of them only to regret it in the long run. I'm with you, I'd love to own both of the cars you 'accidently' got rid of.

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