1977 Dodge Aspen (starter)


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1977 Dodge Aspen (starter)

This is in conjunction with the question of 7-22-02. My son's Aspen is very difficult to start and I guess that lately will not start. When he turns the ignition, it barely cranks over. He re-charged the battery and it still barely cranked over but it did start. After driving and starting a couple of times, it would not crank fast enough to start. He removed the alternator, the auto supply store tested it and said it was OK. They suggested the starter. My son has looked at the electrical connections at the battery and alternator and says they look OK. The car's been sitting about 4 months now, he went out last night during our phone call and said the head lights and interior light were bright and just dimmed a little when he tried to start it again....I would like some information on how to replace the starter so I can pass it on to my son. A diagram or picture would be nice too since he isn't sure where the starter is. It's a V-8, automatic. He'll be able to do it with a little direction...........Thanks
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Engine size? It's easy on either. I suggest he just go to the library and borrow one of the repair manuals there and it will guide him right through it.

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