1986 Toyota Camry won't start

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1986 Toyota Camry won't start

1986 Toyota Camry LE (I think), 2S-E engine. Manual. No repairs recently, although I replaced the battery about 3 months ago, and had replaced the distributor about a year before that.

I was driving home tonight, coming down a hill at about 45mph. All of a sudden, I noticed something was amiss--there were lights on my dashboard! I turned off the radio and A/C, and realized that my engine had cut off. I stopped at the bottom of the hill, and try to start the car again. The engine sounded like it was turning over, but wouldn't catch.

The lights on the dashboard are the normal ones I see when the engine if off, but the key is turned to the "on" position. They're the Check Engine, Oil, etc. lights.

A friend came out to help me, and he said that it sounded like the engine wasn't getting fuel. He said that it might be the fuel filter or the pump. The gas tank is about half full.

I've poked around in some other posts about Toyota Camry's that won't start. I hope it's not the Timing Belt. If I understand correctly, I should be able to remove the distributor cap and see the rotor turning when I try to start the car.

The only other clues I can think to add are as follows:
The past couple of days I've noticed the car feeling a little rough when I sit at a stoplight in first gear, with the clutch pressed in. I don't do this often, but I've never noticed the car reacting badly to it before.
I think I was in 4th gear when the car stalled out on me. I'd only been driving for about 10 minutes.
When I try to restart the car, the engine sounds just like it always does when it "chugs" a couple of times and then starts. The only problem is that it doesn't start anymore.

If it is some kind of fuel issue, can anyone describe where the fuel pump and filter are? My owner's manual doesn't have any useful information on the subject. And if it turns out not to be fuel or timing belt, what else might it be?

Thanks for your help and advice!

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Does the rotor turn?


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