92 Cherokee Running Hot


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Ole Lemmer
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92 Cherokee Running Hot

I have a 92 jeep cherokee (automatic, 6 cylinder) that has been running very hot. I have replaced the thermostat but this has not helped. I cannot use the air conditioning as this makes the situation even worse, and in fact, if I'm in traffic, I've had to run the heater to avoid overheating. There seems to be a small leak from the radiator (don't think its a hose) but I've been filling with coolant as needed. I was thinking of replacing the radiator as well as the water pump. The auto parts rep also suggested I may want to replace the fan motor while I'm at it. Any thoughts or advice on this job would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum, I think you have found the place for your answers....there are alot of great brains here....I for one do not fall into that category though..LOL...just a Jack of all trades.

OK on to the problem....

You say you have am "running hot" situation.

You mentioned you may have a leak as you are having to add coolant to the system. Do you in fact see signs of a leak? i.e. puddling under the vehicle, antifreeze visible under the hood, signs of wetness or sweet odor in the cab of the vehicle.

If not, you may not have a leak at all, it could be possible you have a blown head gasket. This would allow coolant to leak into the cylinders. Is there white smoke coming out of the exhaust when the engine is running?

If not and there are signs of external leakage, I would recommend having the system pressure tested to pinpoint the leak(s) and replace the item(s) where it is leaking from. Once that has been completed, have the system flushed and filled, blow out the radiator and A/C evaporator fins, ensure the belt driving the water pump is tight, and replace the radiator cap with a new one.
Are you sure the new thermostat was replaced properly? You may want to check that too.

If you fan motor is working properly and there is no shaft movement (play, wobbling) I would not waste the money replacing it.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Ole Lemmer
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Thanks for your quick reply Jack. There is definately an external leak that seems to be coming from the front of the radiator. Can tell by the small pool of coolant in my driveway. As far as replacing the radiator, is there a big difference in new vs reconditioned?
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The difference between new and reconditioned is two-fold...
new costs more and new is new. As far as quality of reconditioned, I guess it depends on the company QM. I personally have used reconditioned when possible and have not had any problems.

How often did this vehicle have a cooling system flush and fill during its life? It may be in good enough shape to have it repaired, rodded and boiled, pressure tested and placed back into service. However, if money is no issue, replace with new.

I still feel it is very important to have the entire system pressure tested after replacing or repairing the radiator to check for other areas that may be suseptible (sp) to leaks. A pressurized system is kinda like electricity, the current, or coolant in this case, will travel the path of least resistance. For instance, if the hole in the radiator developed under say 15 lbs of pressure and it is repaired, another spot may appear at 14 lbs of pressure that wouldn't appear because the pressure required to force the leak is less than 15 lbs. However, once the pressure resistance is dropped to 14 lbs, Wala!! a new leak. I hope I explained this clear enough without causing confusion.
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Don't skimp. Service the whole deal.

The best aftermarket radiators are Modines. They are American made, fit right and last the longest. Replace the hoses, belts, thermostat, and such when you do change the radiator.

Don't guess on questionable parts or you'll do it twice.
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Ya Joe is right....just replace the rad with a Modine...and all the other parts Joe listed. After 10 years, it isn't worth fixin in this vehicle, just replace it.

I guess I didn't catch the part of the post that listed 1992.....God I am getting old..seems like yesterday.

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