89Chevy SUb. Dies at Idle


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89Chevy SUb. Dies at Idle

89 Chevy Sub. 350-K eng. T.B.I. ---NO Codes---- WIll dies at idle when you re sitting still at ilde in gear, never dies going down road, only sitting still in gear with are without a/c on, EGR unpluged. NEw Ing. MOdule and PIckup coil in dist. Good fuel pressure. Timing steady at 11* ----The only thing to fix the dieing is to unplug set timing connecter at fire wall.---Again timing is steady with conn. pluged in.--- I am thinking poss dist shaft mag. are comp.------THe eng starte to idle down to about 700RPM IAC counts to 15 in gear and than will dies like you turn off key. BUt will starte right back up again. --Thanks for all input.------Dave---------
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Idle Problem

What is the Block Learn and Intergrator after it runs at idle for a few minutes when it will idle? Check for vacuum leaks yet around throttle body? What is the tps voltage at idle? EGR stuck? Look inside the dist. and check around the shaft under the pickup, does it have a white crusty, foamy, yucky look to it? Will it die while in Reverse? Tell me what the real fuel pressure is? Have you set the base idle? Do you know how to do that?

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where is your timing set at with the timing connector unplugged it should be at zero, if it is set at 11 then it may be causing an overadvanced miss in engine and causing it to die.
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I agree with all these guys. You're on the right track.

Excellent reporting of the symptoms and problems as well.

Here are the TSB titles if something jogs your memory or matches the symptoms:

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Timing set on 0 with wire unpluged, fuel pre. at 18 at idle. egr not open , can unplug and will still stall out. I will see if scan show block learn on this year mod. but it does not like the b12 when add at time of stall. That is why i and looking to test dist ect. I will keep after it and let you know.--Dave--
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Don't know if this has a direct effect, but it's something that caught my eye in your post Techman.

From Autolibrary for an 89 Suburban 350:

Start the engine, check for leaks and observe the fuel pressure, it should be 9-13 psi (62-89 kPa).

You said your fuel pressure was 18.
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Had similar problem with rebuilt engine in '89 burb. Engine was shipped with 305 timing chain cover and was timing problem. Did this start happening all at once?
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THIS VEH. IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!! This is my story and i am stiiiiicken to it.---I flew of the hand and put a reman dist. in and the vehical is fixed.-----I keep thinking in back of my mind i had a elect. problem in dist. but didnt test before replacing. This year mod. has a mag. made onto dist. shaft to trigger the pickup,pickup coil will produce about 1.5 to 2.0 ac volts at idle, but if mag/ gets weak the sig can only run of module control at low speeds. That is why if i unplug 5volt bypass wire(set timing connecter) the veh. did not dies at low speed. the weak sig.(from the pickup coil) was not good enough are strong enough to send good square wave sig. to comp on refrance wire so comp was unable to control fuel are fire at coil ect.---------That was my theary so i installed reman dist set base timing. It ildes like a new vehical again------ Thank for all input and hope this feedback helps someone down the road.---Dave------

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