95 F150 XLT Noise ???


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Question 95 F150 XLT Noise ???

I wrote a message about my situation a 2 weeks ago and could not find it anywhere. My situation is this:
I own a 1995 Ford F150 XLT v8(302), Automatic, 4x4 (man. hub), with 108,000 miles. My initial message was that I heard some strange noise best described as "baseball card connected to a bicycle, like when I was a kid" Your response was that it might be the U-joints. I took it to a local garage and he said that it was not but not only that but that he had a hard time replecating the noise? I went back and drove it with him and it did it but very mildly (2 times) and that was it. So mild that he said that he would not be able to define the problem. I am starting to think maybe it might be within the trans.? It runs fine and trans. runs fine but this noise I hear come only when I am excelerating and when the vehicle down shifts as I am going up hills. I can not say that it is doing it every single time because it will not but when it does do it, it will occur during exceleration or down shifting as I go up hills? I bought it used, no history on it. Trans color is red but noise appears to be coming from under the vehicle and in the area of the trans. That is why I am starting to think trans? I trust you opions and so I went to a 2nd garage mechanic and he agreed that he did not think it was the U-joints. He too was not sure what the noise was but he said it was not engine or trans? I have tried my best to describe this and the vehicle. Hope someone can help me.
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Please keep the posts together in the future by using the reply button against the original post.

Continuity is lost otherwise....

Tough to say, but a couple of things to check.

1) Switch the tires and wheels to see if the problem goes away or is predominantly front or rear.

2) Check the U-joints up front in the half shafts for the 4WD. They are commonly overlooked.

3) Have the front end checked out for tightness. Have the shop run the truck on the lift to see if they can simulate the noise.

4) Check alldata.com for known bulletins and problems that might pertain to the truck.

Barring that, the shop is right, the noise has to replicate itself for it to be diagnosed, otherwise throwing parts at the problem will get very expensive.
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Another thought,

Check the flywheel inspection plate on the lower front of the trans to insure the bolts are tight. heck while you're at it, remove the inspection plate and make a visual inspection inside the bellhousing. Look for rocks, flywheel teeth, debris laying in the bellhousing. Check the flywheel ring gear for broken teeth.
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Very goo point!! I had an old dodge dart, and the bolts to the torque converter were loose, making one bad sound!!
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Have a little patience and see if it gets worse. U joints are funny acting when they just starting to go and yours is right in that age bracket. If you have wheel covers there can be rocks in those too,, or loose stuff.
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