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Question Oil Filter help

I have a 1999, Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo, V-6, 4 wheel drive, SUV. The oil filter sits on the left side, center, of the engine (looking from at the engine from the front of the vehicle). Problem is, the oil filter is sideways (horizontal). When I change my oil, I do not want to leak the motor oil from the oil filter all over the engine. Is there a trick to removing the filter without spilling the oil everywhere? There is not enough room to place any kind of container directly under the filter and I know even after I drain the oil, there can be up to 1/2 pint of oil left in the filter. Thanks.
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Punch a hole in the filter about in the middle using a large phillips screwdriver and hammer. Do this on the left side of the filter as you are looking at it toward the top. Turn the filter counterclockwise (loosening) until the hole is facing down. You have to figure out a way to get some kind of container under the filter, whether that may be on the ground, to catch the oil. I have had good luck using the disposable ziploc food containers for this purpose.

Once it has stopped draining from the hole, remove the filter, wipe off any oil that may drip while removing. Lube the rubber gasket on the new filter with motor oil and screw on. Only tighten 3/4 of a turn after the gasket makes contact.
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Clean off the engine with a rag and do it cold. That's what I did on my sister's 1996 Grand Cherokee. The motor was spotless. It eventually burns off .
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For the future, most aftermarket shops or catalogs like J C Whitney sell oil filter relocater kits which could get the filter in a more suitable place.
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I can't say I've ever changed the oil on a V-6 GC, but you can usually use a piece of cardboard to channel the oil away from the frame, engine, axle, etc & in to your drain pan. I do this all the time on certain miserable FORDS & GM cars.

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