no gauges


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no gauges

I woke up 4 days ago with my car running fine shifting fine but my insterment cluster is dead all the needles are flat lined, the check oil, water,fuel,and low water lights are on but car runns fine. It is a 96 pontiac Grand Am GT with a 3.1 v-6 with power everything. I have tried to find the problem but can't. All fuses are good even the ones under the hood. But fuse #3 in car marked INST LPS has no power to it at all. I have a multimeter but can't seem to track the problem down. I recently replaced the battery and altenator. And passanger side front abs sensor. Car runs great but I have no fuel gauge,temp gauge,tach, and no speedometer.
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Do you have a wiring diagram for the vehicle?

Check the autolibrary link I have below or a service manual. You can't tackle this one without a diagram.
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Unhappy still nothing

I can't seem to figure it out I have the chilton manaul and I went to the dealers to read there books I now have the insterment cluster out and I can't find the short it is really stumping me. The wire diagrams I have are not detailed enough. The fuse that has no power is labeled instl lps it is reading grounded at both poles. One with no resistance and one with about 70% resistance. The dealers book says that this fuse is connected to 3 more fuses and they all have power. I wish I had the diagram for what the wires are on the cluster there are 2 harness 1 with two wire one brown and one brown with yellow strip. and 1 with about 20 wires i believe are from sensors. Are the brown wires power wires or not they do not power up with the dash lights. Thank for the help but I think I might never get fixed. The dealer wants $60 per hour and it will most likely tak them a few days to find the problem and I don't have that kind of money. But thanks for all the help anyway.
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Inst LPS should only have power to it when the headlights are on. That is the fuse for your gauge lights. Recheck it. Go to alldata in Joe's link for a wiring diagram.
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Do these thing have a gauge regulator like the older ones used to? I supose all electronic they dont?

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