car won't start sometimes?


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Unhappy car won't start sometimes?

1992 Honda Accord Ex 2 door
150,000 miles

On occassion, but not very often my car won't start whether it is hot or cold. Everything sound good, lights and radio all work, engine cranks but won't start unless I step on the gas (at least that's what I did when I got it going).

I have noticed that the rpms at a stop dips to about 500 and when I drive at 70 mph the rpms are at 3000 and all of the sudden dips to about 2700 and goes back to 3000 (kind of like if I take my foot off the gas but I haven't).

I have tried a fuel injection cleaner additive, but the problem still happened after that.

The Honda dealer wanted to put a $500 alternator in and I said no thanks.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
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Check my post "The Basics" and the links and posts in my signature file first for ideas and some help.
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I agree with Joe...

Check the links on his signature page... primarily

It sounds like a sensor in the fuel system....there are several that should be checked (tested) and this link will explain how to do that.

Let us know what you find.

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