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I have a 1993 Saturn wagon sw2. It's manual transmission. I have failed

the emissions test twice now and think it might be because the car is running

really hot. This happens alot in standstill traffic. I had the radiator fluid

changed last year from a saturn dealer. Any other suggestions? When the

emissions tester pulled it out the heat dial was in the red.

It's a 1.9 liter dohc. The first test my HC was over by .1412. The second

time it failed by .2210. The first time my CO cleared, the second time it failed

by .1810 grams/mile. My NOx passed both times. The fan does engage when

I turn the air on. I have replaced the spark plugs, valve cover gasket, and

had an oil change. Should I move to the country with my basset hound

to avoid emissions or is it fixable?

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We need to know the engine size and the emissions readings, mileage and what reapirs have been made to the vehicle prior to and after the failed emissions test.
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also check and see if your cooling fan is coming on saturns coolant temp sensors are a crappy design and often give inncorrect readings to the computer causing the cooling fan not to come on. also check and see if the fan runs with the a/c on and then see if it comes on with the a/c off.
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They are all 1.9L DOHC engines on these SW2 models.

However, what gas readings (HC, CO, NOx) did you fail? Post the readings.

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