'89 Pontiac Sunbird - acting odd.


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Unhappy '89 Pontiac Sunbird - acting odd.

Well, 36 hours after i bought my '89 Sunbird LE, it dies. it acted like it wanted to start, but it didn't. After ridiculous amounts of trying, it started, idle really high when i touched the gas, and when i let off the gas, the car sputtered and died. The oil pressure gauge flew all over the place. I turned the car off, and the air filter was soaked in gas, and a little bit of smoke was coming out of the exhaust when i tried to start it again. I was told by the person that towed my car that sunbirds and cavaliers don't like full fuel tanks (just filled it this morning) - could someone help me?
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Try by checking all tuneup part, plugs dist cap and rotor. Also check for oil being over full. check for comp. codes andtry to restart again.----more info. needed at that time--------good luck-Dave----
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