olds firenza stalling


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olds firenza stalling

I have a 1985 olds firenza with a 1.8 liter engine the car runs rough at idle and heisitates when i start out if i nail it it will wind up also when driving it stalls i put it in nuetral and it starts back up most of the time and i drive on then after a few miles it does it again. I have replaced plugs, wires, coil, complete distributor, fuel filter. checked codes was getting code 22 throttle sensor so i replaced it. cleared codes. ran the same, checked codes again got 44 oxygen sensor (lean) replaced o2 sensor. same condition. could it be the egr valve? I dont know what else to check. it seems to be getting fuel but does seem to be running lean. help!
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well unplug the vacum line going to egr and drive vehicle if it runs better it probably should be replaced also might remove egr and make sure it is closed all the way sometimes they will hang open a little and cause a rough idle. might check for vacum leaks and check fuel pressure also. when the vehicle dies does it happen when coming to a stop and after restarting does it usually die as soon as you place in gear?
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It will die if its at idle and when i'm doing 60 down the road it's like i loose all my power even if i pump the gas nothing the engine will still be running but it winds down then i put it in nutral it shuts off but it will start right back up and it has all its power again. maybe its possesed.
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