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too much oil?

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08-03-02, 09:20 AM   #1  
too much oil?

Hi, I have a question.
I just bought a new-used 2001 Honda Civic LE from a local Honda dealership the day before I left for vacation. They brought the car out and said it had a safety check which included an oil change, and that I was good to go on my trip. After reaching my destination some 600 miles away, a family member checked out the new car under the hood and my oil. To find that it looked as if it was filled over a quart over. But when I told him that I just left the dealership with a new oil change, he thought maybe the full level marker was different on my car. So I didn't worry. I drove back home, putting a total of 1300 miles on the car. I noticed that the sides of the car had a oily dirty film behind all 4 wheels. A friend checked my oil and confirmed that I was overfilled, and that the oil on the sides of the car could be related. I called the dealership and returned the car to be checked, they did connfirm tht it was overflled and that they would take care of it. All they did was drain some of the oil out of the car, and tell me everything was ok. They said there was no leaks, and that the oil on the side of the car was not related, probably just from the road.

I have mentioned this to a few people who all agree that this was NOT good for my car. And that overfilling that much for that long could have caused some problems that may or may not be visible yet.
They also have said that it puts alot of strain on the seals, which may have a shorter life span as a result. Help! I'm a woman who feels very vulerable with this situation. I'm hoping that you can tell me or refer me to someone who can give me the striaght story on this situation. What does that much extra oil do to a engine? What kind of problems should I expect in the future as a result of this?

Mira 101

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08-03-02, 09:48 AM   #2  
take your car to a different shop and have them check for any signs of oil leaks if non is found then its safe to say that overfilling the oil did not do any damage to seals or gaskets.

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08-03-02, 12:46 PM   #3  
Have the dealership change the oil and filter again and report any leaks. If there are problems later on, you will have documentation that they said, "no problem" and you'll have recourse.

If the dealer won't comply, speak to the owner or call your Better Business Bureau. You would think a Honda dealer would know how much oil goes in their own product!

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08-04-02, 10:51 PM   #4  
I agree, keep records of the events. One quart too much most likely didn't hurt a thing. It won't strain the seals either. The main reason that you don't want to overfill is because: When the engine turns, parts are rotating at thousands of revolutions per minute. These parts are not in the oil, but the oil is pumped to them. If the oil level gets too high, to the point that the rotating parts are touching it, then they sling and beat the oil into somewhat of a foam. Air doesn't lubricate, and air bubbles in the oil dramatically decrease the lubricating quality of the oil. if the oil level was so high that it was foaming, then your friend who checked the oil while on your trip would have noticed the "foam" on the dipstick more than likely. Be on the safe side and keep your records, but I doubt that you have any problems because of this.

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