Please help with my 92 chevy van


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Please help with my 92 chevy van

My problem is with my 92 chevy conversion van. The speedometer, heat, A/C, cruise control doesn't work and the brake light stays on but the breaks and cylinder are fine. Also the odometer doesn't work. I checked the codes and it showed that it was the speed sensor but when i checked it (visibly) it seemed fine. How would i fined out if indeed it is the speed sensor or could i have a loose wire somewhere, i say this because would the speed sensor cause the brake light and heater not to work. Please help any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Looking at it physically won't tell you has to be tested as per the specs in the service can try checking that I have bookmarked below.

Sounds like a loose or missing ground wire if all of that is not working. Have you checked all the fuses?

Barring that, seeing it is a conversion van, most conversion companies butcher up the wiring when they add their addition, so you might be in for some hokey wiring jobs when you get into it
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Hi Joe, yeah i checked all the fuses and they were all good. I was thinking the same thing you said a lose or faulty ground wire somewhere in the steering column. Also the service engine soon light comes on after about 6 miles of driving.
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Go to any Autozone and they will pull the trouble codes for free. That might net a clue as to what the problem is.

Post back what they tell you.
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did you remove the speed sensor and make sure the plastic gear was not stripped if the gear is ok you likely have a bad sensor, that wont have nothing to do with the heater or a/c or brake light but should fix your speedometer and cruise control. all these problems didnt happen at once did they?
what type of problem are you having with the heater and a/c does it blow air out or does the blower not work?
what about the brake light is it the one on the dash that stays on or the rear brake lights that stay on?
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Lets backup for a min. and you said the fuse are good. did you look at them are put a test light on them.---------need to check them with test light are volt meter. I am thinking ????? problem in dash are no cruise, a/c,speedo??????? do we have power.-----Poss blowed fuse link at starter--------- are bad ing. swicth Just thinking out loud!!!!!!! Good Luck-Dave--

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