Smoking BIG time ((


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Smoking BIG time ((

ok, i have a '93 ford f150 4.9 litre inline 6 cyl auto trans 2wheel drive pick-up that i recently ran into some trouble with. driving to work in city traffic as i do every day when suddenly it started to hesitate and get sluggish (no smoke at this time). i managed pull over before it died and ended up having it towed to a garage that works on all of our service vehicles where i work. they call me and tell me that the engine is seized up which it was not when i left it cause it would turn over but wouldnt start.

at any rate i had it towed back to my house and cranked it and it turned over just fine but wouldnt start. first thing i did was a compression test which all 6 cylinders had good consistant compression. i changed the plugs, oil, air filter, pcv valve, checked for any loose connections ect ect... finally it started. it seems to run pretty good but now it smokes like mad, a thick light grey / white smoke, alot of it.

not sure what to check next, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What does the smoke smell like? That is the key to finding out what it is burning.

If it smells sweet and is losing coolant, it has a blown head gasket. If it is blue, it's burning oil.

Grey smoke could be burning tranny fluid, a bad modulator on the tranny (if so equipped) could cause that.
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Good tips Joe. sounds like he is on right track. Go ahead and pull spark plug out again and read the plugs. keep them in order so you can tell what cyl. if all are giving pro.----Also will be good time to run another comp test and compare to 1st test let us know with comp. reading are on both reading 1st and 2 test.-----Good luck-Dave-------
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Thanks Dave.

There is an article in this month's High Performance Pontiac about "Smoke Signals". Lol.

It covers this very subject and how to detect what smoke means what. It applies to all cars, but the "pitfalls" they talk about are a bit Pontiac V8 unique

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