1997 Mercury Sable lug nut stud replacement


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1997 Mercury Sable lug nut stud replacement

When I was replacing the front disc brake pads on my 1997 Mercury Sable I "finished" rounding the lug nut and had to destroy the lug nut stud to remove the wheel. I need to know if the replacement of the stud is something I can do. I have read instructions on how to remove the Hub and bearing assembly (front). I have never done this before and I am not sure if I am opening up a "pandora's box". Is there a way I can replace the lug nut stud without removing the Hub assemble?
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You should be able to take a hammer and knock the old stud out of the hub.As far as i can remember you should have enough room to remove and install the new stud.You might take your new stud and check to see if you have clearance enough to install it first.
To install the new stud,buy(or if you have one to use) an extra lugnut(the basic style not the fancy chrome version ) and also one a little larger then the stud itself.Put the new stud through your hub,slide the larger nut over the stud and then use the other lugnut to draw in the stud.After stud has been drawn in remove the larger nut and you ready to roll again!.
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Fordtech is right on, but here's some tips.

1) Take a sawzall and cut the old studs in half. This way they will have enough room to slide out. They're wiped anyhow, change them all .

2) Buy the studs from Dorman/Motormite that have a "half moon" shaped back side. They are this way so they will clear the knuckle/spindle area and slide in. If not, you may have to grind away half of the base to get it in (as Fordtech alluded to with "I think you have enough room). This is what he's referring to .

3) If you have access to an air compressor, boy, that makes drawing in the new studs a breeze .

Other than that, he gave you great tips and is right on .
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Smile Thank You fordtech and Joe_F

Thank's for the help. It seems alot easier then pulling the Hub assembly. Thank again.

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